I was challenged and affirmed by this book along similar lines, especially by the question of how could whites create such a distorted racial hierarchy and system of value given the cumulative teachings of Scripture? Toward this end, I found Willie James Jennings' book, the Christian Imagination, illuminating (and saddening) in its exposition of how the racial hierarchy developed, but also hopeful in its application of the reconciling Gospel to this travesty. I recommend this book to just about everyone, and I think it makes a good partner to the Cross and the Lynching Tree.

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So... Thanks again for a thoughtful review that provided so much more than a 'spark's note' summary. I paused halfway to refresh my memory on Niebuhr. After finishing your post, I wondered if the real problem is when Christians move from the ministering on the margins, to seeking power to shape (impose?) the political geography? I acknowledge the irony that this comment arises from the comfort provided by Sydney Anglicanism.

My one tiny, minuscule quibble would be to include some nuance - not all white Christians ignored racism and many (as I know you know!), worked hard for universal equality and compensation/reparations for the oppressed.

Thanks again!

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PseudoChristians. Using God’s Word for sophist methods to enrich themselves

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